How To Cut Sequin Fabric Without Making A Mess? What Is The First Step You Should Take?

Step 1 cutting sequin fabric

Cutting sequin fabric is quit tricky. In this article we will learn how we can do it easily without any mess.

So the first step is:

You want to lay out your fabric nicely and flat and then lay your paper pattern Piece right on top of your sequin rather. Make sure that you are obeying the grain Lines of the fabric as well as the nap.

Requirements: What we need to do when we start cutting sequin fabrics?

» Grab a blue painters tape. I use the lightest adhesive available on.

» This tape is made by 3m and I will find the perimeter of my paper pattern and then stick a piece of blue painters tape sticky side down onto my sequin fabric.

» And you want to lay down a piece of blue painters tape directly on top of your sequin fabric around the entire perimeter of your paper pattern or the entire perimeter of your parody’s.

» So you might need to use two or three pieces of painters tape. It just really depends on the shape and the size of your pattern.

I’m going to go ahead and do this around all sides.

≡ And the reason why you put it sticky side down is that as you cut into the fabric instead of the sequins on your material going everywhere they stick to the adhesive side of the blue painters tape.

≡ So that means when you’re ready to cut instead of having a super messy work space all of these sequins that would have fallen off are simply going to stick to the painters tape.

So when you’re ready to cut sequin fabric make sure that you put down your pattern weights between your paper patterns and sequin.
  • I prefer to use a sharp pair of multi-purpose scissors when cutting sequins what sequins are is hard plastic and that can dull your scissors.
  • So don’t use your ordinary fabric scissors if you have a second pair just for cutting out both, you know non powder things non fabric things use those.

So here is what my material looks like.

Now that I’ve cut out the pattern I’ve cut through the layer of sequin and a layer of blue painters tape. And as you can see even if you’re cutting out the entire perimeter at least seem like three or four sequins remaining.

Step 2 cutting sequin fabric
So let me show you what it looks like when you’re ready to pull away the tape. So here I’m just going to cut into a scrap and now I’ll pull away the adhesive tape and all of the sequins are sticking to the painters tape.

So what you see if there are few, if any sequins left in my workspace. So let me show that to you one more time. I pull away the painters tape and one sequin as well no that is manageable.

Let me show you what it looks like when you just cut into sequin fabric without using this painter’s tape track.

When you cut in just merely by cutting into the fabric you can see that there are a couple dozen sequins that have come off.

Now if you shake it afterwards even more sequins fall off the side of the fabric so that leads to a very glittery but very messy workspace whereas here on the other pieces where I had just used the painters tape before cutting everything stays in place.

Step 3 sequins fall off
Because all the sequins and what if all enough have already fallen off. So let me show you that one more time by peeling off the tape on the strap.

And feel free to share with me your sequin projects here and the comments and be sure to get the best sequin fabrics.

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