About Me

Kate Winfield

I have knitted so long that I’m not able to remember a time when I wasn’t. My mother taught me the basics and I have always been very self-steering when learning new about the things I love.

There is a good probability that I am a material snob, but hey – part of the idea of hand knitting is to get lovely items from luxurious materials, seldom seen in middle priced ready to wear clothing.

I love the process of knitting and sometimes pick patterns just for knitting fun. But mainly I try to make pieces which I (or someone else) can actually wear.

I have all the skills to design my own patterns, but do this too seldom. And when I do I tend to just knit along, I need some discipline to write down what I’m actually doing.

I love fashion. Or actually, that is not true. I love people with personal style, I love clothing, sewing, quilting, skillful tailoring, striking materials, a touch of handwork, history of fashion, tattooing, piercings, makeup, jewelry – everything about how people wear and decorate themselves. But I don’t consider myself as a “fashionista” or something like that…

I work in the media industry, and sort of love it. But I would love even more to work with more tactile things. My family is small: my dear husband and two cats. We live almost in the center of Helsinki in a house built in the twenties and I really feel at home in this atmosphere. Still dreaming of moving to the larger city, though, someday.

I have some aspirations to progress from a somewhat experienced knitter to knitwear designer. At least in small scale by publishing free patterns and perhaps some patterns to buy in my blog.

Last but not least I’m very interested of all possibilities Internet offers to small independent companies and even for single people in fields of retail and marketing – this interest raises at least partially from my job. This site will be my experimentation lab in this area.

I have no intentions to get rich, but I will be very happy if I get some new knowledge and a small income to cover the hosting bills via Google ads and Amazon affiliate program!

A warm welcome for you at yarned.net!