How to crochet with mohair yarn?


I’m not sure if I’m the only one who has spent the late eighties crochet with mohair yarn and patterns for giant sweaters with dropped sleeves. It’s a shame that I haven’t kept the pattern magazines from there,…

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How To Cut Sequin Fabric Without Making A Mess? What Is The First Step You Should Take?

Step 1 cutting sequin fabric

Cutting sequin fabric is quit tricky. In this article we will learn how we can do it easily without any mess. So the first step is: You want to lay out your fabric nicely and flat and then…

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Redheart Yarn Versus Natural Fiber Yarns, Which Is Best?

ynthetics Versus Natural Fiber Yarns

When it comes to a weaving task, the type of yarn used varies according to the task and is vital to the final result. Redheart yarn is a type of accessible and inexpensive artificial (acrylic) yarn that can…

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